Letter: Hold politicians accountable for pension fiasco

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 5:30 a.m.CDT

To the Editor:

Much has been written about the pension fund crisis, which came about because the state “borrowed” moneyfrom the state pension funds and did not pay it back.

When ordinary peopleborrow moneyand don’t pay itback, there are consequences. They go bankrupt, pay fines, put up their car titlesor go to the homeless shelter. Ordinary people aren’t toobig to fail.

I read that the late great state of Illinois needs a constitutional amendment to avoid paying its debt to retirees.

Iread that the pensions of Chicago teachers are too big.

Chicago public schools fund their own pensions, sotheir pensions are not draining the state budget.

Anyone who thinks the salaries and retirement benefits ofChicago public school teachers are too rich can go and teach there.

What’s left if there are no pension funds? Some suggest 401(k) accounts.

When the bottom of the stock markets drops out, then what?

Social Security is also under attack. The average Social Security grant is $12,000 a year for women and $14,000 a year for men.

Can our congressional representatives live on that?Or are they too big to fail?

If yourob a convenience store, you go to jail. If you rob thenation, you get bonuses and your company gets bailed out.

One third of the children in DeKalb schools are poor or near poor, according to the Daily Chronicle.

Is America the Land of Opportunity or the Land of Them That Has Gets?

Throw the rascals out.

Rosemarie Dietz Slavenas


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